Project: Al-Rabwa

This Project is inspired by French classical style. A luxurious villa located in AL RABWA, Sheikh Zayed. The principal hues are mainly neutral color tones. Ceilings were decorated using hand-painted classical ornaments. Wood patina and antique gold decorations add a classical and magnificent beauty to the whole scenery. The Authentic quality furnishings not only demonstrate a taste of originality, but also create an atmosphere of luxury. Warm toned materials, furniture setup and lighting fixtures were properly selected to echo a feeling of a lavish lifestyle. The indirect cove light is simply sophisticated and increases the height of ceiling level; handcrafted bronze and porcelain artifacts, create a strong focal point and reflects the homeowners’ passion for art. The marble flooring outlines the classical atmosphere and dramatically reflects the light glow.  Mirrors and crystals were used creating a magical ambience. Simplified French wall frames were ideal as a wall covering with a wallpaper inlay. This spacious reception was virtually divided into multiple areas serving different functions. We designed the walls and ceiling to create that sort of separation without creating undesirable clutters. A “gallery” concept was a key requirement; implementing a French classical style while removing all the excessive details and garnishing was therefore decided. Space and light were the guiding lines in this project, where luxury, coziness and functionality were carefully studied.